A Clean Roof Means Better Drying

Regular roof cleaning and maintenance are crucial to extending the lifespan of your roof. No matter the material used on your roof, they are designed to last at least 20 years. You can tackle the job on your own but it can ultimately be a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous endeavor. Hiring a quality roofing company with experienced cleaning services ensures you save money from damages or leaks or other costly repairs.

before and after roofing cleaning on home in lynnwood
Roof Cleaning - before and after

Roof Cleaning Techniques

Taking care of your roof is our priority which is why we implement soft wash cleaning techniques for all types of roofs to mitigate unnecessary damage to roof shingles. We pride ourselves on providing you with the most effective and advanced processes and moss removal techniques depending on the type of roof material.

  • Cedar Shake– Our cedar shake shingle roof cleaning service consists of one of two techniques – either a high water volume low pressure clean, or a gentle air cleaning for older and more fragile roofs.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofs– Our roof cleaning and moss removal services gently clean away moss and other roof debris for your home’s asphalt shingle roof. We use compressed air or gentle, soft washing techniques at Alpine Roof Care. A low-pressure cleaning, combined with the right mixture of cleaning solutions can avoid damage to the asphalt roofing material and structure.

Once completed, we recommend adding a moss treatment with Moss Out to prevent the roof moss from coming back.

Alpine Roof Care also offers our customers high-pressure washing services for your driveway, patios, decks, pavers, vinyl siding and other areas of your property. Whether you’re in Arlington, Edmonds or Shoreline, we can help you with your home exterior and roof cleaning needs in the Greater Seattle area. Call for a free estimate!

before and after roof cleaning in everett
Roof Cleaning - before and after

Benefits Of A Roof Cleaning Service

Using experienced professional, and regular cleaning provide many benefits to the homeowner.

Improved Curb Appeal

Cleaning your roof can do wonders for improving its curb appeal. You can restore its original beauty by removing dirt, debris, and other elements that can discolor your roof over time. This can make you proud to show off your home to visitors or potential buyers. Plus, if you’re in an area with strict HOA regulations, professional cleaning may be necessary to keep up with those guidelines.

Protection Against Damage

A clean roof is less susceptible to damage caused by mold, mildew, and algae growth. Mold spores can grow on roofs that are not cleaned regularly due to moisture buildup from rain or snowfall, which can cause staining or even structural damage if left untreated for too long. Additionally, algae growth on roofs causes discoloration that may be unsightly but also makes them more prone to leaks and further degradation over time. A professional roof-cleaning service will use specialized equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove these elements while protecting your roof’s integrity in the process.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on where you live, having a clean roof may help improve your energy efficiency! Any buildup on a rooftop will decrease its reflectivity of sunlight—meaning that instead of reflecting it back out into the atmosphere as it should be, some heat is absorbed into the house below. This leads to increased air conditioning costs during summer and higher heating bills during wintertime since more heat is escaping from your home than it should be. Regular cleaning helps ensure that your rooftop reflects light away from the house rather than absorbing it inside!

Keep your roof looking spic and span while ensuring its lifespan with regular maintenance cleanings that could otherwise lead to roof replacement needs before the end of your roof’s warranty. These cleanings also remove debris, so your roofing system operates at its peak performance. Serving all homes in the Greater Seattle area.

before and after roof cleaning on home in seattle
Roof Cleaning - before and after

Roof Cleaning Costs

Not all roofs are created the same which means that Seattle roof cleaning costs can vary as well. What goes into the cost of cleaning?

Square Footage

The size of the roof has a direct impact on cost as more time and products will be needed to complete the job.

Roof Shape

More complex roofing systems will require more detailed work is required to remove stains.

Roof Steepness

The steeper the roof the more safety equipment and precautions are needed to keep our crew safe while cleaning and applying treatment.

Roof Cleaning -- before and after
Roof Cleaning -- before and after

Why Alpine Roof Care?

Established in 1992, Alpine Roof Care has been providing the greater Seattle area – including Mill Creek, Arlington, Edmonds & Renton – professional, punctual and affordable roof cleaning services. With the ability to service all aspects of roof maintenance including roof repair, roof sealing, reroofing, and roof cleaning there is no need to bounce around from company to company. Instead, get all your clean roof needs met here and keep your family warm and dry.

We are a forward-thinking company and are proud to be one of the first in the area to implement “green roofing”. Our “green roofing” program recycles 90% of its tear-off materials accumulated during a roofing repair or roof replacement service. Along with the use of environmentally safe products, we strive to give you the best possible reroof and roof replacement services while taking care of the environment.

We proudly serve the greater Seattle area including:

roof cleaning before and after in arlington
Roof Cleaning - before and after
roof cleaning before and after in seattle
Roof Cleaning - before and after