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Roof Cleaning, Repair & Replacement in Edmonds, WA

Is your roof protecting you and your family from the outside elements? Who knows what Mother Nature is going to throw at you next.  Keep your home safe and dry with regular upkeep & roof cleaning.  Algae/moss/lichens can cause wood rot, insurance companies can require roof upkeep & generally for aesthetic purposes. Learn more about Alpine Roof Care’s roof cleaning, repair & replacement services and keep you, your family and your home protected year round in Edmonds, WA.

Roof Cleaning in Edmonds, WA

A roof is a big investment. Whether you’re a commercial business owner or a residential homeowner in Edmonds, WA, your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it. One way to do that is by regularly scheduled cleanings. Here are some of the benefits of regular roof cleanings.

  • Preventative Maintenance: The most important reason to keep your roof clean is for preventative maintenance. By regularly cleaning your roof, you can extend its lifespan and avoid more costly repairs down the road. Just like changing the oil in your car, regular roof cleanings are an important part of keeping your roof in good condition.
  • Avoid Costly Repairs: In addition to extending the lifespan of your roof, regular cleanings can also help you avoid costly repairs. Those mossy patches or dark streaks on your roof may not seem like a big deal, but they could be signs of serious damage. By catching these problems early and taking care of them, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run.
  • Remove Debris and Obstructions: Another benefit of regularly cleaning your roof is that it helps to remove debris and obstructions that could cause problems down the road. Things like leaves, twigs, and branches can all collect on your roof and cause damage if they’re not removed promptly. In addition, obstructions like these can also block gutters and drainage systems, leading to further damage.

Regular roof cleanings are an important part of maintaining the integrity of your Edmonds roof. By keeping things spic and span, you’ll help to extend the lifetime of your roof and avoid costly repairs down the road. So don’t wait – schedule a roof cleaning today with professional roofers at Alpine Roof Care!

Roof Repairs in Edmonds, WA

No one wants to deal with a leaky roof. Not only is it frustrating, but it can also be expensive to repair. While you need a professional to examine your roof and determine the source of the leak, there are some common causes of roof leaks. Here are a few of the most common culprits.

  • Missing Shingles: One of the most common causes of roof leaks is missing shingles. Whether they were never installed in the first place or blown off by high winds, missing shingles leave your roof vulnerable to water damage. If you notice any bald spots on your roof, it’s important to have a professional take a look as soon as possible.
  • Damaged Flashing: Flashing is the metal component installed around chimneys, skylights, and other potential sources of leaks. Over time, flashing can become damaged or loose, allowing water to seep into your home. If you have any damaged flashing on your roof, it’s important to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Clogged Gutters: If your gutters are clogged with leaves, debris, and dirt, they won’t be able to do their job properly. When this happens, rainwater can back up and seep underneath your shingles, resulting in a leaky roof. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to schedule a gutter cleaning at least once a year.

While you need a professional to examine your roof and determine the source of the leak, there are some common causes of roof leaks. Missing shingles damaged flashing, and clogged gutters are all common culprits. By being aware of these potential problems, you can help prevent a small issue from turning into a major repair job.

Roof Replacement in Edmonds, WA

Anyone who has owned a home for more than a few years knows that maintaining a roof can be an expensive proposition. There are many factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace your Edmonds roof. In the short-term, roofing repairs may be more affordable, but in the longer run, a full roof replacement could be the more economical option.

  • Age of Roof: One of the most important factors in deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is the age of the roof. The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 20-25 years, so if your roof is approaching this age range, it may be time to start considering replacing it. However, if your roof is less than ten years old, repairs may be all that are needed.
  • Type of Damage: Another factor to consider is the damage that has occurred. If you have only a few damaged shingles, repairs may be all that you need. However, if there has been significant damage, such as large holes or leaks, a full replacement may be necessary.
  • Costs: Of course, costs are always an important consideration when making any home improvement decision. In general, repairs will cost less than a full replacement. However, you also need to consider the long-term costs associated with each option. A full replacement may cost more upfront, but it could save you money in the long run by avoiding repeated repair costs over several years.

Deciding to repair or replace your roof is never easy. There are many factors to consider, including age, type of damage and costs. Repairing your Edmonds roof will be less expensive than replacing it; however, a full replacement may be necessary if your roof is older or has sustained significant damage. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what will best meet your needs and budget in the short and long term. Working with a reputable roofing company such as Alpine Roof Care, we will work with you on a reasonable price.

Alpine Roof Care

Established in 1992, Alpine Roof Care has provided Edmonds with professional, punctual, and affordable roofing services. With the ability to service all aspects of your roofing needs, including roof repair, sealing, reroofing, roof cleaning, and more, there is no need to bounce around from company to company.

We are a forward-thinking company and are proud to be one of the first in the area to implement “green roofing.” Our “green roofing” program recycles 90% of its tear-off materials accumulated. Along with using environmentally safe products, we strive to give you the best possible reroof and roof replacement services while taking care of the environment.

We are licensed, insured, bonded, and endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, National Roofers Contracting Association, and The Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Additionally, we consistently receive 4-5 star reviews across the board for our roof repair and cleaning services – Yelp, Google, BBB, Facebook, and more.

Financing for roof repair, replacement, or maintenance is available in the Edmonds, WA area. Please call a professional roofing contractor at Alpine Roof Care for details.