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Roof Cleaning, Repair & Replacement in Edmonds, WA

Is your roof protecting you and your family from the outside elements? Who knows what Mother Nature is going to throw at you next.  Keep your home safe and dry with regular upkeep & roof cleaning.  Algae/moss/lichens can cause wood rot, insurance companies can require roof upkeep & generally for aesthetic purposes. Learn more about Alpine Roof Care’s roof cleaning, repair & replacement services and keep you, your family and your home protected year round in Edmonds, WA.

Roof Cleaning in Edmonds, WA

While not top of mind, a regular roof cleaning is essential for the overall health of your home. Need more convincing? Here is why you should get your roof cleaned once a year.

  • Curb Appeal – Remove algae, lichens, and moss from your roof and unveil the beauty of your home.
  • Life Span – Regular roof cleaning helps to extend the life of your roof ensuring you get your return on investment. Don’t incur larger costs due to needing to replace your roof before it’s warranty is up.
  • Insurance – Keep your homeowner’s insurance active with regular maintenance. Many insurance companies now require as a condition to keep your insurance active.

It may not always be at the top of your mind, but regular roof cleanings prove to be important. Call us today for a free estimate!

Roof Contractor in Edmonds, WA

Wondering if you need more than a regular roof cleaning? There are several physicals signs that can indicate you need to call a roofing company for a second opinion.

  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles
  • Shingle granules wearing off
  • Wear & tear around the chimney, vents, etc…
  • Sagging rafters
  • Staining on ceiling and walls
  • Blistering or peel paint

If you notice any issues, don’t delay in getting your Edmonds roof fixed. The sooner you address the problem the less likely a full roof replacement is needed.

Roof Replacement in Edmonds, WA

Extensive roof repairs needed? Let’s discuss a full roof replacement as it may be more economical in the long run. A full roof replacement can add value and save you money when damage is extensive. But what signs should you look for?

  • Warranty has expired
  • Extensive structural issues in the roof structure
  • Major shingle damage & balding
  • Daylight through the roof boards

If you believe you need a new roof, we will come out and provide you with a free estimate. Our professional roofing contractors will help you decide the best course of action!