Bellevue Roof Repair

Mother Nature is an unpredictable force in the Puget Sound. Is your roof protecting you and your family from the outside elements?  Alpine Roof Care keeps those elements from wreaking havoc on your home. A clean, repaired roof is important today for many reasons, from algae/moss/lichens to the upkeep of homeowners insurance and home aesthetics. Learn more about Alpine Roof Care’s roof cleaning, repair & replacement services and keep you, your family, and your home protected year-round in Bellevue, WA.

Roof Cleaning In Bellevue, WA

before and after roof cleaning on home in seattle
Roof Cleaning – before and after

To maintain the integrity of your roof, we recommend regular cleanings. By keeping things spic and span, you’ll help to extend the lifetime of your Bellevue roof. When looking into Bellevue roof cleaning solutions, there are a couple of items to know when it comes to maintenance.

  • Roof Algae – Dealing with an unsightly layer of green algae? Algae on your Bellevue roofing is more than merely an aesthetic concern. Algae is a living microorganism that feeds off shingles resulting in its loss of integrity.
  • DIY Roofing Cleaning – Want to consider cleaning your own Bellevue roof? It’s feasible, yet ensure you plan it out properly, so you don’t damage your shingles or landscape with mistreated chemicals and strategies.
  • Price – Worried about the cost of cleaning? Let’s take a look at it another way. A damaged roof due to debris or algae will likely need replacement or repair leading to more costly bills before the life of your warranty.

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Roof Repairs In Bellevue, WA

roof repair in bellevue wa

Are you experiencing leaks in your home? Don’t worry. While you need a professional to examine your Bellevue roof, leaks are common. Right here are some common concerns resulting in roof leaks.

  • Roof Age – With time, the seasons, and temperature changes, your roof begins to age, becoming fragile and broken.
  • Debris Accumulation – The build-up of branches, leaves, pine needles, and pine cones can cause water to get trapped against your roof and leak down to your home’s interior.
  • Clogged Gutters – Gutters that have become backed up with debris can lead to gutters not working correctly, leaving your roof vulnerable to water damage. Gutter cleaning can help prevent clogged gutters.
  • Missing Shingles – Whether caused by wind, storms, or time, missing shingles leave your roof exposed, increasing the opportunities for water to seep right into your Bellevue house.

Are you experiencing a leaky roof? Contact Alpine Roof Care today to discuss your Bellevue home’s roof repair needs. Call us at 425-487-2884 today.

Roof Replacement in Bellevue WA

Close up of home's roof

In the short-term, roofing repairs for your Bellevue home may be more affordable, but in the longer run, a full roof replacement could be the more economical option. When do you need a complete roof replacement instead of roofing repairs??

  • Roofing Warranty – Is your warranty expired or set to run out soon? If so, a full replacement will be required to ensure your roofing’s stability.
  • Significant Roof Damage – Is the amount of damage to your roofing extensive? If roofing problems cover more than 30% of your Bellevue house’s roof, a full replacement will be needed.
  • Natural Disasters – Was your home harmed in an earthquake or other major disaster? If your home structure has been compromised, a full roof replacement must be considered.

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Apline Roof Care

Established in 1992, Alpine Roof Care has provided Bellevue with professional, punctual, and affordable roof repair-related services. With the ability to service all aspects of regular roof maintenance needs, including roof repair, sealing, reroofing, roof cleaning, and more, there is no need to bounce around from company to company. Instead, meet all your roof maintenance needs here and keep your family warm and dry.

As a Bellevue Roofing Company, we are a forward-thinking company and are proud to be one of the first in the area to implement “green roofing.” Our “green roofing” program recycles 90% of its tear-off materials accumulated during a roofing repair or roof replacement service. Along with using environmentally safe products, we strive to give you the best possible reroof and roof replacement services while caring for the environment.

We are licensed, insured, bonded, and endorsed by the Better Business Bureau, National Roofers Contracting Association, and The Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Additionally, we consistently receive 4-5 star reviews across the board for our roof repair and cleaning services – Yelp, Google, BBB, Facebook, and more.

Financing for roof repair, replacement, or maintenance is available in Bellevue WA. Please call for details.