Three Treatment Options

We offer three treatment options.

Protect Natural Cedar Oil clear treatment is for cedar shake roofs that have recently been cleaned. It goes on clear and has a three year no-moss warranty.

Protect Natural Cedar Oil with color stain added is actually a stain sprayed on your roof to give it color for cosmetic purposes only as seen in the picture to the left. It has a 3 year no-moss warranty.

image of bellevue home after
before color treatment
image of home with roof repair in bellevue
after color treatment
image of roof contractor cleaning a seattle home's roof
Atco Shake Color Treatment


Weathershield is a water based roof treatment, it is clear in color and has no offensive odors. Weathershield is environmentally compatible. It is not flammable, in fact it has some degree of retardency. Weathershield can extend the remaining roof life by 30 to 50%.

One of our trained professionals will begin by gently removing debris from the roof using air or light water blowoff This can be done rain or shine. Next we will make necessary repairs to the roof. Your bid includes a 1/2 bundle of shake or ridge cap replacement or a 1/2 hour of re-nailing loose shake or ridge caps. Should any additional repairs be required you will be informed with a written estimate of additional recommended repairs once the cleaning has been done.

In order to attain maximum application and penetration Weathershield will only be applied on a dry day. This is done by efficient employees and custom built equipment. Please note that roofs previously treated with colorants or stains will not turn to the gray colors shown. Weathershield is carried into the shakes by water, the water evaporates, leaving the safe chemicals behind. Weathershield then begins its process taking form from liquid to crystals, which is activated by the rain, sun, cold and warm weather and will kill the moss and lichens in time and turn the roof a light silvery grey.

This repeated process pushes out and breaks down the unsightly mosses and fungi on your roof and with every rain action, it is gently rinsed away. Depending on the age of the roof, deterioration, pitch, and quality, the full cleaning effect is generally attained within 6 months and last for 5 years. Weathershield not only cleans the shingles on your shake roof, but it also prevents the mosses from returning. This is achieved by changing the ph factor in the wood to an alkaline environment. Moss, fungi, and lichens only grow in an acidic environment which will keep your roof clean and free of moss and lichen for a 5 year period. The rest of the process is done by nature, the more rain, the quicker the results. Weathershield comes with a 5-year no-moss warranty. This service is provided to the greater Seattle area including Arlington, Renton, Kirkland, and Lynnwood.